This full-day certification course is for administrators who are ready to go beyond assessment and planning for academic programs and non-instructional units, and tackle more in-depth processes. You will learn how to take the data from your assessment and planning workspaces and evaluate it using rubrics and the AMS Review Methods tool. We will cover narrative workspaces, which can be used for program review and accreditation self-studies. This workshop will also focus on user account creation, workspace and hierarchy maintenance, and how to run reports. You will leave feeling confident in your ability to manage some of the more complex processes of AMS and ready for the advanced certification test. A boxed lunch is included with this registration.

What To Bring?

Bring a laptop to take full advantage of this hands-on course!

Who Should Attend?

Those that have managed AMS for at least one assessment cycle; AMS administrators who are already familiar with the basics of AMS administration and are interested in learning more advanced functions.